LifeQuest Services has an unblemished compliance record. We fully understand and comply with the complex state and federal rules, regulations and laws that apply to government health programs.

In the event your service is selected for an audit in the future, you will have confidence in knowing your claims were submitted properly. We minimize your service’s risk of having to pay back damages, interest, penalties or worse.

“… we were placed on a prepay audit utilizing another third-party medical billing provider.  … the transition [to LifeQuest] was seamless. … In a very short time we were taken off of the prepay audit due to the diligent efforts, professionalism, knowledge and practices of LifeQuest. We now have a team of knowledgeable personnel taking our revenue resources to higher levels.” 

EMS Chief Danny West, Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services

LifeQuest Services does not risk submitting ambulance claims as covered if criteria established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), and Medical Assistance are not met. We will make sure the claim is prepared and submitted appropriately for payment. We have assisted several clients in major Medicare ambulance billing and coding audits – none of which had to reimburse Medicare for claims inappropriately submitted by LifeQuest Services.