About LifeQuest Services

LifeQuest Services provides EMS billing, Fire billing, and delinquent account collection services for clients with 500 to more than 80,000 claims per year.  We tailor our full suite of services to suit each Client Partner’s needs.

LifeQuest Services was founded in 1992 as Lifeline Systems, Inc. d/b/a LifeQuest Services.  In 2012, LifeQuest Services partnered with a private investment firm, led by the current CEO, Michael Finn.  Our recent history has seen many positive changes including improved operations, increased growth, new office locations, expanded collection business and new services for our Client Partners.

The LifeQuest Services team is a combination of revenue recovery specialists, EMS/Fire experts and business professionals:

  • Certified Ambulance Coders (CAC) accredited by NAAC
  • Paramedics (NREMT-P, EMT-P)
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B, EMT-I)
  • Certified First Responders
  • Certified Firefighters I, II and III
  • CNA, CMA
  • American Ambulance Association Members
  • Medicare/Medicaid/CMS Expertise
  • Certified Professional Collection Specialists (CPCS) accredited by the Association of Credit Collection Professionals (ACA International)