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Our Internal Audit Service

Sets Us Apart From the Competition

A series of firefighters extinguishing a house fire. LifeQuest would bring their specialties in fire collections to the scene.

We are EMS and Fire

We Know the Industry

Trust the Experts

LifeQuest Services provides customized billing and collections services. Our staff includes many field-experienced EMS and Fire professionals who truly understand the challenges facing emergency providers. We help our client partners substantially increase their revenue through our proprietary techniques and industry leading technology.

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We provide outsourced billing services for the EMS and Fire industry.

Delinquent Accounts

LifeQuest Collections provides delinquent account collection services.


LifeQuest’s field-experienced professionals provide our clients training to maximize revenue recovery.

Audit Services

LifeQuest’s audit services are designed to identify specific ways for your service to increase revenue and decrease write-offs.