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A series of firefighters extinguishing a house fire. LifeQuest would bring their specialties in fire collections to the scene.

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LifeQuest Services provides customized EMS/Fire billing services to ambulance service providers – municipal, private, hospital owned, etc.  We also provide delinquent account collection services to municipalities for EMS/Fire and other (utilities, fines, etc.) account types. Our staff includes field-experienced EMS and Fire professionals who truly understand the challenges facing emergency providers. We help our Client Partners substantially increase their revenue through our proprietary techniques and industry-leading technology.

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We provide customized billing services for the EMS and Fire industry.

Delinquent Accounts Collection

LifeQuest Services is a licensed collection agency that provides delinquent account collection services for municipalities on a variety of account types.


LifeQuest Services field-experienced professionals provide thorough training to Client Partners ensuring maximum revenue recovery.

Audit Services

LifeQuest Services audit capabilities identify specific processes to increase revenue and decrease write-offs.