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  • Does LifeQuest submit insurance claims electronically?
    We currently file all Medicare, Medicaid and many commercial insurance claims electronically in a HIPAA compliant format.
  • What is your typical implementation timeline for new accounts?
    Each client is different. However, it has been our experience that after a meeting with each client and completion of a New Client Information questionnaire, we can begin the billing process.
  • What is your fee based upon?
    LifeQuest’s fee is based upon a percentage of dollars collected. This ensures our effort to maximize
    receivables. Our fee is an all-inclusive fee! There are no hidden costs or start-up fees.
  • What types of reports will we receive?
    There are numerous variations of reports with different methods of sorting (e.g. response time, payer types, number of invoices produced, etc.). These can be produced for any time period specified. Under normal circumstances these reports are run on a monthly basis. We can provide other specialized reports as needed.
  • Can you accept data electronically?
    Yes. Such data can be uploaded to our secure website. We download the files on a daily basis. Data can also be sent to you through this secure website. We currently work with Zoll, ImageTrend and ESO, but have the ability to review other ePCR programs as necessary.
  • Who will handle billing inquiries?
    All billing inquiries are fielded by our experienced Customer Care staff. We have a toll-free number in place for our clients.
  • Will you handle appeals?
    LifeQuest is knowledgeable and experienced in handling Medicare and insurance appeals. We will aggressively work for payments on claims that we are legally able to pursue.
  • Can you bill for expenses related to emergency responses for incidents such as motor vehicle accidents, fire and hazardous materials, etc.?
    We can bill for these types of services.
  • Can you offer training? And if so, is there an extra charge for such training?
    We can provide on-site training to your EMS staff on documentation and medical necessity. There is no charge for training services for our clients. We also provide an annual conference for both clients and non-clients to attend.